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Stoke UK Diaspora SACCO was registered on 9th June 2017 to meet the financial needs of Kenyans in the diaspora and enable them to enjoy the fruits of the cooperative movement.


The Sacco has two arms: Savings & Credit arm and the Investment arm.


The Savings & Credit arm enables each member to save a minimum of Kshs 10,000 monthly, earn annual interest and borrow loans of up to four times their savings. The Investment arm engages in viable investment ventures that generate dividends for members based on their share ownership. Each member buys a minimum of 10 shares worth a total of Kshs 100,000 when joining and continues to buy at least one investment share worth Kshs 10,000 every month.

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We are a fast-growing, well-managed organisation currently drawing members from Europe, USA, Canada Australia, Middle East and Kenya.

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