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Our Corporate Team

Meet Our Corporate Team

Advisory Committee

Geoffrey Njang’ombe is a seasoned career civil servant and has served in various positions in public service for over 35 years notably as a District Auditor, Deputy Director of Audit, Senior Deputy Commissioner for Co-operatives and is currently serving as Acting Commissioner for Co-operative Development.

He is also a serving Board member of Institute of Certified Public Secretaries and a Commissioner of Ethics Commission for Co-operative Societies (ECCOS). He has conducted several special audits, investigations, inquiries, compliance audits and liquidations of co-operative societies. He has participated in formulation of Key Policy Documents and Legislation Review Teams. Mr. Njang’ombe holds a Bachelors of Commerce from the University of Jalbpul (India) and a Masters in Business Administration (Strategic Management) from Kenyatta University.

Director Business Development C&R Group

Michael Monari (MSc, MBA) has over 25 years commercial banking experience at Executive Management and Board Level. He is the Founder/CEO of Longitude Finance. Michael has a passion for supporting SME's across the African continent; the largest being job creation platform.

He has worked in several African countries some being Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and lately Uganda as MD/CEO of Ecobank. Across these countries he turned round the banks he was a part of resulting in exponential growth whilst creating wealth and new jobs. He is highly networked in Kenya and across Africa.

A self-driven HR professional with over 15 years of progressive experience in Strategic Human Resource, Change Management and Organizational Development. Has a dynamic approach to human resource with the ability to identify, manage and develop talent. Uses participative management style in a diverse workforce set-up to provide effective HR solutions.

A people oriented person and a creative thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit. Deeply passionate about employee engagement and the achievement of high performance through innovative people strategies such as capability building and the creation of a positive organizational culture.

Has a proven track record in leading HR processes such as strategy formulation and implementation.

Nelson Ashitiva heads the strategy and Business Development teams at Ashitiva Advocates LLP.

Nelson’s expertise includes mergers & acquisitions, capital markets, corporate/commercial transactions and investments, in each of which fields he is an acknowledged leading professional. He regularly advises boards of private and publicity listed companies on capital raising, corporate governance, business strategy and listing regulations in Kenya.

Beyond the law, Ash as his friends would call him, sits on the boards of several charitable causes such as Nafisika Trust and Karibu Children Center. Famed for typically visiting the barber three times a week to monitor his receding hairline, he remains an ardent thespian and is still obsessed with all forms of abstract art.

A professional with proven leadership, across sectors at CEO or Chief roles in Consumer Healthcare, Personal Care, Beverages, Energy &Telecommunications experience, spanning over a decade in Telecom marketing and organizational leadership, delivering unprecedented results at Celte/Zain/Airtel/Vodacom in Tanzania, in Uganda and in DRC.
Specialties: Marketing/Commercial leadership - FMCG and Telecommunications.
Organizational and commercial Leadership with Industry and cross sector recognition
- Most Respected Organization recognition, preferred Employer achievement, 2 years in succession- Country operation of the year award winner - ahead of all operations at Celtel and Zain. 

Management Committee

Dr Isaiah Oino is the driver in the Team whose commitment and passion is second to none. He is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting at Coventry University

He brings in knowledge and experience in Management, Finance, Investment and Accounting. He holds the vision of helping grow the Sacco to

Dr Isaiah Oino is the driver in the Team whose commitment and passion is second to none. He is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting at Coventry University

He brings in knowledge and experience in Management, Finance, Investment and Accounting. He holds the vision of helping grow the Sacco to become a formidable bank in Kenya.

Mr. Erastus Kiage (B.Ed. MA) is the tireless operator in the Team whose people skills make him very effective with member education and mobilization. He is a teacher by profession and also the National Education Union (NEU) Reading District Branch Equality Officer (EO). He is passionate about working with fellow Kenyans to create opportunities to better their lives now and for their children in future.

Stephen Onyambu is the engine in the Team. He is a diligent Sacco investor who has been with Stoke UK Diaspora since its inception. He comes with valuable experience in business 

information systems, communication and branding. 
When he is not working in his job as a Cloud Security Engineer, he enjoys playing tennis or running.

Jeremiah Obegi is an astute investor with a passion for leveraging collective enterprise. He comes with wide experience in Real Estate investment, risk

 management and treasury management. Besides the SACCO, he holds a management role in a healthcare company and a Treasury role in a charity

 in the UK. He is a member member of ACCA and hold an MSc Finance (London Metropolitan University ) and an MBA (Glyndwr University, UK)

A Chartered accountant and an information scientist. Has experience in banking, charity and the public sector. He is also a CEO and director of an accounting firm in the UK. Believes in accountability and service. 

Davis is a highly analytical professional with experience implementing industry best practices and leading teams to align and edge out competitively in their markets. He is ICT consultant with a track record of managing/accomplishing multiple IT projects in private and government owned corporations including Healthcare, Retail and IT managed services. He is also a real estate investor; his experience in this field, brings about expertise in investment principles and strategies to our Sacco. 

With her outgoing personality and friendly demeanor, Rose Mogoi fits perfectly in her role as our Marketing and Recruitment coordinator. She also brings substantive

experience in Business Management and Investment in Healthcare services.

George Mamboleo is an Associate Professor at West Virginia University, USA, where he teaches counseling psychology. He possesses considerable leadership skills in higher education. As the strategic alliance coordinator, he leverages on those skills to engage with our investment partners and organizations.

Assistant Treasurer

Symon Ogeto serves as group chief

executive at SEED Group, Inc., a

Chicago-based corporation with three

main portfolios in international travel,

media services and global marketing

and consulting.

Symon is widely involved with his local African

communities. He co-founded Chicago

Association of Kenyan Professionals

(CAKP), United Kenyans of Chicago

(UKC) and Africa Global

Chamber of Commerce where he now

serves as chairman.

He holds a Masters in Arts,

Entertainment and Media Management

and Bachelors in Marketing

Communication from Columbia College


Supervisory committee

A professional accountant (CPA(K), CPA (Bot), FCCA, CFA, with rich experience in financial accounting, management accounting, taxation and auditing. Worked extensively in the industry and academia.

James Osano has numerous years of audit & accounting experience. Areas

of expertise include general ledger accounting, audit, tax and financial

consultancy. As an auditor and financial consultant with Ernst &

Young, he gained valuable experience in various sectors including banking.

Eunice Mokaya is a valuable member of the Supervisory Team with extensive experience in Business and Health Care Services. She has been part of the cooperative movement for many years mainly through self-help groups that empower women to save and access affordable loans. When not engaged in Sacco business, Eunice likes to spend time with her family and fellowshipping with her church family.