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Sacco Investment shares

Each member is required to buy a minimum 10 shares at Kshs 10,000 each, totalling to Kshs 100,000. This is a mandatory requirement for Sacco membership. The shares are payable within 6 months of joining the Sacco. The 100,000 is the core portion of a member`s equity in the Sacco. It is Non-Refundable (Can only be transferred to an existing member). Members are encouraged to continuously buy more investment shares in the Sacco to facilitate significant investment projects.

How we operate

We are continually listening to our members on the products they would like the Sacco to invest in. This has informed the development of our 10-year investment strategic plan. The Investment Committee works diligently to identify viable and well researched investment products and recommends them to the Management committee. The Management committee then weighs them and makes the decision to invest or not. ALL Sacco investments are owned collectively by ALL Sacco members. The profit is shared in form of annual dividends based on the number of capital shares owned by each member.

Our Investments

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Housing Properties

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